We carefully select all the ranges we stock from brands that we trust to ensure you get the best possible results. We personally use products from these brands within our own aquariums and client installs.


Tropica Aquarium Plants - Australia


"Make your aquarium a success"

Tropica is one of the best aquarium plant producers in the world and we are proud to be able to stock their range of plant care products within Australia.

Seachem Aquarium Products - Australia


One of the most trusted brands in the aquarium industry, Seachem produces products that are proven in science and performance.

ONF Aquarium Lighting - Australia


ONF produces beautiful lights for planted tanks and desktop displays. We believe that the aquarium should be a focal point within modern interior design which is why we make sure the products we stock not only perform great but look great as well.

Oase Aquarium Filters - Australia


The best filters from Oase are now available in Australia.

Dymax Aquarium Products - Australia


World leading innovator in aquarium products, Dymax products are now available in Australia.